Edward Banayoti Sawiris is a Member of the following:

2013 – Member of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries

2013 – Member of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada

2014 – Member of the National Military Intelligence Association

2014 – Member of the Canadian Centre of Ethics and Corporate Policy

2014 – Registered Federal Lobbyist – Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada

2014 – Member of NCAGE – NATO portal for supplying defence supplies

2014-  Registered Provincial Lobbyist – Ontario Lobbyists Registry

2014 – Co-Chairman of the international board of the International Centre for Democratic Transition (ICDT)

2015 – Appointed Knight Grand Cross Order of St George

2015 – Incorporated Silent Circle – Canada –  Encrypted phone manufacturer

2015 – Incorporated Cornerstone Holdings Corp., Canada (

2015 – Founder, Defence Unlimited International

2016 – Promoted from Knight Grand Cross to Knight Commander of The Order Of St George

2016-CEO, The Canadian Association of Political Consultants (CAPC)

2016-CEO, Canadian League of Lobbyists & Advocacy Professionals

2016 – Appointed worldwide agent for MITgel Bullet Proof Vests

2016 – Member of The Association of Schools of Political Studies

2017 – Associate, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)

2017 – CEO, TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd

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