"It is through discipline, accuracy, belief in people, and respect for time, that I was able to build a solid foundation that can carry a multi-faceted, global business." Edward Banayoti Sawiris

Early Life

Edward Banayoti Sawiris was born in Cairo, Egypt on the 15th of September 1964, to a Greek mother and Egyptian father, and is now based in Ontario, Canada, and Europe. Son of a successful tradesperson, Banayoti Sawiris learned his father's entrepreneurial skills from an early age. Banayoti Sawiris senior was conducting business throughout the MENA region in the gold/precious stones and immovable property industries amongst others.
Edward Banayoti Sawiris
Edward Banayoti Sawiris
This inspired and fueled Edward's entrepreneurial talent and ambitions which contributed greatly to his legacy. After high school, he attended the University of Toronto where he earned his degree in Accounting and continued his post-graduate education at York University in Ontario. ​Banayoti Sawiris‘ first venture in the business world was in real estate and the service industry, where he procured 22 hotels around Canada, transformed, and elevated them, then later sold and became some of the leading hotel names in the country. He is also the founder of Banayoti Holdings, which had a paid-up capital of US$ 1.85 Billion. Banayoti Holdings was later converted to Cornerstone Holdings Corp.


Edward Banayoti Sawiris attended many courses in law, economy, strategies, and derivatives. He is also fluent in four languages: English, Arabic, Greek, and French


Sir Banayoti Sawiris took the oath of knighthood of The Order of Saint George of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on April 18th, 2015. He was certified by Gareth John Green, the Grand Master of Canada, and the Americas. His knighthood certificate states that “It has been confirmed that Edward’s life and conduct merit investiture as a Knight of The Order of Saint George.” He was promoted to Knight Commander in 2016.