DUI Launches KSA Subsidiary


KSA, 2022: Sir Edward Banayoti Sawiris, the founder of Defence Unlimited International, is excited to announce the launching of new subsidiaries in the KSA and Oman to specialize in the procurement and local manufacture of defense and aerospace-related technology for the regional market.

Recognizing the impact of the ever-changing dynamics in the region on its defense and national security sectors, Defence Unlimited International is investing considerable resources in the private defense manufacturing industry. DUI is introducing cutting-edge technologies, tailor-made for the region’s particular set of challenges.

“Defense manufacturing has traditionally been state-run enterprises; however, there has been a growing demand for private enterprise public services and collaboration. I am grateful to offer a service that provides for a safer environment in an increasingly hostile world.” Said Sir Edward Banayoti Sawiris, founder, and chairman of Defence Unlimited International.

Defence Unlimited International are experts in Government Relations, Military, Defense, and Security Industries, and are well-established brokers of military assets, contractors, and consultants in regards to government procurement policies, practices, and regulations.

DUI Launches KSA Subsidiary


Defence Unlimited International offers manned and unmanned airline safety, risk assessment, and reliability analysis.

We take on safety-critical tasks and offer international support, logistics, and avail spare parts and MRO services.

DUI has over 100 years of combined experience, a presence in over 20 countries, and over 18 thousand Security Personnel worldwide.


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