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Edward Banayoti Sawiris, an International Business Magnate launches holding company to effectively run and develop a range of highly successful businesses including, Real Estate, Asset Management, Investment Management, Communications, Software, Defence, Military and Security industries world-wide.

Banayoti Holdings Limited (UK) was recently registered with Companies house in London and has paid up capital of €1.85 Billion.

Edward Banayoti Sawiris – A Canadian citizen based in Ontario, and currently lives in Europe, registered Banayoti holdings in the United Kingdom in 2016 as the holding company for:
Defence Unlimited Corporation (Canada, US, and UK)-
Silent Circle Corporation-
EB Cornerstone Holdings –
Banayoti Asset Management Limited (UK)
Banayoti Capital Limited (UK)

He is the director of the company and CEO of Defence Unlimited International (Canada, USA, and UK).

Edward Banayoti Sawiris gained a degree in accounting from the University of Toronto, backed up with further studies at York University in Ontario. He commenced his commercial career, initially in the real estate, and hotel business, where he bought, upgraded and sold on 22 hotels which eventually became a major Canadian hotel chain.

Edward Banayoti Sawiris investment in many other real estate projects in Canada, and other parts around the world.

Alongside the hotel projects Edward Banayoti Sawiris also created Transpect a business involved in exporting commodities to Egypt and other African countries. In 2010 the company was incorporated as an Ontario Corporation.
Edward Banayoti Sawiris formed Defence Unlimited International, a specialist organisation dealing in Government, Defence, Military and Security industries across the world and plays an important role within Banayoti Holdings. Defence Unlimited is now considered one of the largest defence contractors in the world. The company is a member of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) which is the national voice of the Canadian Defence and Security industries, a sector that employs 109,000 Canadians and generates more than $12.6 billion dollars for the Canadian economy every year.

The company operates internationally in major countries throughout the world with some 220 specialist consultants.
Currently, Defence Unlimited International and Transpect have been awarded agencies to more than 150 companies within the defence and security sectors and are due to open more offices in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Latin and South America.
Through Canadian Defence Export Control, (Compliance-Audit) the company continues to offer compliance services to companies within the Defence Export sector.
Bayanoti holdings is now looking to continue acquiring mid and larger size companies and are currently looking for such acquisitions throughout Europe. Bayanoti Holdings invests in a wide spectrum of industries and prefer financially troubled targets.

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