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Defense, Military & Security

Founded in 1990, this business is mainly carried out by Defense Unlimited International, a company specializing all aspects of the defense and military industry. Defense Unlimited International, a subsidiary of Cornerstone Holdings, has an excellent global reputation and has grown to be one of the main defense companies in the world working alongside private and public organisations including governments.

The entity holds a worldwide agency for MITgel, a manufacturer of superior Bullet Proof Vests, and several other regional agencies for military, aviation and security products including an exclusive business development and agency for the MENA region for the new Wing Ship Technology, which is amongst other product agencies, a game changer in the Industry.

Trade & Manufacturing

Edward Banayoti Sawiris’s first trade business was established in Egypt, he eventually carried on his ventures when he moved to Canada, having the ability not only to break through markets with new products through his first-hand experience of the culture, market and regional trade know-how but also through his language capabilities.  Being the son of a trades person, he learnt from a tender age the ability to negotiate and deal through close observation of his father’s trade.  The first business he established in Canada was Transact, which undertaking dealt with trade expansion between Canada, Egypt and the Middle East, capitalizing on both market intelligence gained from first-hand experience.   Apart from simple trade, import/export, the business also grew into a manufacturing business also.

Real Estate & Hospitality

Edward Banayoti Sawiris’s real estate investments have throughout the years varied in shape, size and risk undertaken and has proved to have an excellent eye for property development.  He has also ventured into combining real estate investments with the hospitality business, whereby he has recovered with a re-structuring model, established for business and property development a total of 22 hotels spread over US and Canadian territories, which investments were eventually sold in block to a Canadian Group.

His experience in hospitality together with his security background and know-how has allowed Edward Banayoti Sawiris to gain an exceptional and unique insight on project development, by combining and applying both sectors to his projects.  Edward Banayoti Sawiris has always sought to have first-hand contributions into all his projects which have led him to hold an impeccable record for immovable property investment and dealings.


Edward Banayoti Sawiris has ventured into and invested in several other sectors such as the aerospace, telecoms, logistics, media and others. Edward Banayoti Sawiris has successfully introduced to Canada and several other countries Silent Circle which is a specialist encrypted phone manufactured to ensure complete privacy and currently runs the main Agency for Canada.

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