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Early Life & Family of Edward Banayoti

Edward Banayoti was born in Cairo on the 15th September 1964 to a Greek mother and Egyptian father.  From a tender age, he was exposed to various cultures through his own mixed family unit as well as through travelling due to his father’s engagements.  This helped Edward gain a strong sense of inclusion towards all cultures, it also gave him the opportunity to acquire and learn first hand knowledge of different cultures and traditions, which came in useful during his endeavours throughout the years.    His father was a main point of reference through Edward’s childhood,  who being a tradesperson dealing throughout the MENA region in gold and immovable property amongst other things, inspired and fuelled Edward’s own entrepreneurial natural flair and ambitions, and eventually helped create his own legacy.  Edward is fluent in four languages: English, Arabic, Greek and French.



Edward’s primary and secondary schooling was carried out in Cairo, where he also proceeded to read law at Cairo University. He furthered his education once he moved to Canada and obtained a Bachelor in Commerce from Toronto University.  Education being important to Edward he continued to follow and read for several other business related subjects and courses available at York University in Canada.


Edward is fond of cars especially classics and car racing. He also enjoys golf, sailing and lyrical music. Edward supports a number of charities personally and through his corporations.