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Edward Banayoti

Edward Banayoti

edward banayotiWelcome to the personal site of Edward Banayoti, Egyptian born multi-national businessman best known for his excellent track record in the highly sensitive areas of defence and security.   Edward’s portfolio and experience is diversified though first-hand involvement in real estate, hospitality, consultancy, and commodity trading undertakings,  amongst others. He also has an impressive track record within the international ambit for risk management projects for governments. Edward Banayoti sits on various international boards and has also been granted various recognitions for his service.

The ethos of Edward Banayoti is to promote and seek solid long-term solutions to any task at hand, by engaging with thought leaders in any particular field, and applying knowledge, insight and vision to all endeavours whether of partners, collaborators, clients or personal.  High reliability, outstanding results and sense of fairness has led Edward Banayoti to enjoy an excellent reputation in his professional and personal life.

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Edward Banayoti : The bios and CVs

Edward Banayoti has a brilliant and exceptional record of ethical leadership in order to make a positive difference in the world. Ed. Banayoti a Canadian citizen based on Ontario was born in Cairo in the 15th September 1964 to a Egyptian father and a Greek mother,...

Defence Unlimited Expands its Global Presence

Defence Unlimited is growing its global presence and actively opening more offices around the world.  We look forward to hearing  from potential partners, collaborators, consultants to join our team or potential co-operation opportunities.  For more information visit...


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